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NANA Nail是香港自家品牌,主打安全、環保及健康的指甲膠。指甲膠通過SGS檢驗& Intertek檢驗合格,不含鉛、汞、銻、重全屬或甲醇等對人體有害成份,致力於在為女性追求美麗的同時都保留對健康的執著。

NANA nail is a Hong Kong brand, specializing in manufacturing safe, eco-friendly nail, and harmless nail glue. Our nail glue has passed SGS inspection & Intertek’s testing. We promise our products do not contain lead, mercury, antimony, heavy metals or methanol and other harmful ingredients. 

CO702 CORAL SERIES Antique Brass 泡沬咖啡


容量 - 10 ml / 0.33fl oz
LED 燈 / 30 秒
UV 燈 / 60 秒


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