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NANA nail是香港本地品牌,主打安全、環保及健康的美甲產品。指甲光療膠通過SGS檢驗& Intertek檢驗合格,不含鉛、汞、銻、重全屬或甲醇等對人體有害成份,致力於在為女性追求美麗的同時都保留對健康的執著。


品牌的指甲膠顏色持久易塗,超水感質地,能均勻塗抹不留痕,即使新手都能輕易上手。甲油膠更配合高品質樹脂膠成份,賦與指甲持久飽和的色澤,並無有害刺激性氣味。為配合不同日子,Nana Nail悉心為你準備不同系列,請繼續期待不同配搭的產品!

Our Mission 

NANA nail is a Hong Kong brand, specializing in manufacturing safe, eco-friendly nail, and harmless nail glue. Our nail glue has passed SGS inspection & Intertek’s testing. We promise our products do not contain lead, mercury, antimony, heavy metals or methanol and other harmful ingredients. Our brand is committed to maintaining the dedication to health while pursuing beauty for women. 

Quality Assurance
Our brand’s nail glue has a long-lasting and easy-to-apply color with watery texture. Even beginners can be applied our nail glue easily and smoothly. Besides, our nail polish glue is also combined with high-quality resin glue ingredients to give nails a long-lasting saturated color without harmful irritating odors. To cater for different situation, Nana Nail has prepared a board range of product series for you. 

Please stay tuned to our upcoming products!

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