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Healthy mission

Quality assurance

NANA nail is a Hong Kong brand, specializing in manufacturing safe, eco-friendly nail, and harmless nail glue. Our nail glue has passed SGS inspection & Intertek's testing. We promise our products do not contain lead, mercury, antimony, heavy metals or methanol and other harmful ingredients. Our brand is committed to maintaining the dedication to health while pursuing beauty for women.



Our brand's nail glue has a long-lasting and easy-to-apply color with watery texture. Even beginners can be applied our nail glue easily and smoothly. Besides, our nail polish glue is also combined with high-quality resin glue ingredients to give nails a long-lasting saturated color without harmful irritating odors. To cater for different situation, Nana Nail has prepared a board range of product series for you.

Please stay tuned to our upcoming products!

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